Clearer workforce, positive outcomes.

We all understand the importance of our vision. The stark reality is, vision problems can affect the success of your workforce at work, in health and overall quality of life.


The problems we face today


The use of digital devices at work is inevitable.

In this world of digital revolution and need for constant connection, we are increasingly reliant on our digital devices.


Our workforce experiences eye fatigue almost daily.

Studies have found that employees experience eye fatigue and headaches at work, symptoms of either digital eyestrain or light sensitivity—or both almost daily.


Diminishing work performance quality.

Screen time is diminishing our work performance quality and causing stress overtime. The more time we spend on digital devices, the more lapses in our vision happen.


Vision benefits keep your employee’s vision healthy.

We’re proud to offer vision benefit solutions at an affordable price. We have options for organisations of different sizes who want to take the employer-centric step in ensuring their employees' eye health are in the clear.