We had in mind a type of retail optical store with clinical style concept where we provide comprehensive eye examinations instead of just a simple degree check that most other optical stores do. The additional tests performed actually helps us to better understand each customer’s needs and enables us to give a more suitable management for every unique customer.

A human has five senses, sight being one. We believe that our vision is too important to take for granted, as it has an astonishing impact on the quality of life. We started Royalight Optometrist believing that eye health is not just about having our degree routinely checked. A simple eye health examination can tell us many things, like eye diseases and maybe even underlying health conditions like diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol levels etc.

Here at Royalight Optometrist, we want to remind everyone not to put off regular eye exams just because your eyes feel fine or you don’t wear glasses or contact lenses. We strive to make the checks as comprehensive as possible, explaining the details on the way at an affordable rate for everyone to enjoy.


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